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This refreshing Bellini brunch cocktail is easy and very pleasing to the pallet.


4oz Prosecco (Italian champagne)
2oz peach nectar or puree
1 TBLS peach schnapps
Peach slices

Pour the peach nectar/puree into a tall wine glass or flute.
Add the schnapps and gently pour in the Prosecco.
Decorate with a slice of peach on or in the glass.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a great brunch beverage with or without alcohol. Tasty and many variations. Make it as spicy as you like.
Here is my favorite recipe.

4 cups tomato juice (I prefer Sacramento)
2 celery stalks with leaves and extra for garnish
4-5 dashes of Tabasco sauce, adjust to your taste
1 TSP prepared horseradish, adjust to your taste
1/2 TSP celery salt
1 TBLS grated onion, Vidalia if it’s available
1 TBLS Worcester sauce
1 cup vodka (optional)
the juice of one whole lemon, extra for garnish
Spanish stuffed olives for garnish
Rub the rim of the glass with lemon and dip into a spicy dry seasoning such as Prudhommes Magic or Emerils spices, optional

Place all ingredients, except the garnish, into a blender and puree.
Pour into a tall glass with ice and garnish as desired.

Lemonade Iced Tea

This refreshing Lemonade Iced Tea is similar to an Arnold Palmer but has more flavors and the adult version has a special kick!
A great pitcher beverage for a cookout crowd.

Lemonade Iced Tea
Lemonade Iced Tea

3 cups boiling water
1/2 cup sugar or use an equal measure of Splenda/Stevia
2 large family size tea bags or 5 reg size (I like Tetleys Iced Tea Blend)
6 mint leaves
3 cups cold water
6oz can of frozen lemonade
4 slices of each; orange, lemon and lime
6 maraschino cherries
***adult version add 1 cup of bourbon or spiced dark rum

Boil the 3 cups of water and remove from the heat. Add the sugar and stir until melted. Add the tea bags and mint and set aside for 30 minutes.
Remove the bags and add the lemonade, stir until melted. Pour into a large pitcher, add the fruit and chill.
Serve over ice in a tall glass.

Holiday Punch

This punch can be made full sugar or substitute diet for any of the ingredients or replace the champagne with ginger ale. Be sure the ingredients are all cold before mixing the punch.

Make the frozen floats the night before.
In a reg size muffin pan;
Fill 1/3 with any flavor cranberry juice and freeze. Add maraschino cherries and slices of fruit such as orange, lime, lemon or pineapple. Add water to fill the muffin cups and freeze again.
In a large punch bowl mix;
1 bottle dry champagne (Korbel is suitable)
1 liter lemon-lime seltzer
1 small frozen limeade concentrate
32oz cherry juice
2 cups orange juice

Dip the muffin pan in water to release the frozen floats and place them in the bowl along with 4 large scoops of sherbet on the top.

Sangria and Rum Punch

Sangria cocktail and rum punch
two summer favorites:Sangria cocktail and rum punch

These two pitcher size cocktails are great for a summer get together.
Sangria or Rum Punch can be made ahead of time and can be easily multiplied for a crowd.


One 750-milliliter bottle fruity red wine, such as Merlot
4 oz brandy
3 oz Simple Syrup,(1/2 cup sugar, ½ cup water; boil 4 mins and cool, left over can be refrigerated for up to a month)
1 cup mixed slices of seeded oranges and lemons mixed with chunks of peaches and apples
1 cup of plain seltzer
Mix and chill 4-8 hours before serving


20 mint leaves, torn
8 oz light rum
8 oz dark rum
8 oz fresh orange juice
8 oz mango nectar or juice
4 oz pineapple juice
2 oz cherries or ½ can, pitted
8 pineapple wedges

Mix all together except for the pineapple wedges. Chill 4-8 hours and serve over ice, garnished with pineapple slices.